False Ceiling & Light Partitions Installation

Ruby Technical Services is consistently thriving in getting client fulfillment in False Ceiling & Light Partition Installation through accurate, convenient delivery of grade and work. We always focus on sustaining all our works as visually attractive. Extensive specialization and advanced resources permit us to work on various false ceiling layouts as per the client’s wants. Eventually, we value client choice and interest.

Ruby Technical Services is one of the prime businesses for all your false ceiling and light partition installation needs. Our array of products comprises all gypsum-related materials, comprising inventive products, which can be utilized for internal and external spots where there’s a problem with moisture and dampness, our ultra-light gypsum board. Our works also take care of designers completing false ceiling and dry-wall partitions that can be changed to any requirement you may have.We give the most suitable false ceiling & light partition installation services in UAE in houses, commercial & residential interiors, hotels, and industrial interiors in a cost-effective array.

Remarkably, we develop clients’ huge options of false ceiling kinds like –

  • The Fiber False Ceiling is very demanding by the client due to its adaptable installation and affordability.
  • The Glass False Ceiling is visually attractive. Primarily utilized in hotels.
  • The Gypsum False Ceiling is the very typically utilized one due to its fireproof property and smooth and clean installation. This ceiling can provide a smooth look with fewer joints.
  • The Metal False Ceiling is stable and robust. When shone would provide a glossy look. Where metals utilized in it are zinc-coated aluminum and iron.
  • The Plaster False Ceiling depends on the client’s preference. The first product is a powder that is blended with water to make a paste and then used. It makes durable and stable for several years.
  • The Wooden False Ceiling is currently very typical in residential areas. As this provides a prosperous look and a sense of nature.

We also have a huge option of designer ceilings that can be utilized for giving auditory protection. The different kinds of protection we reserve comprise those that don’t require any demolition of your present ceiling but just counting on, with the tiniest disturbance. We all give the daily ceiling tiles got in different spots, giving the details of your requirement for your business.

Ruby Technical Services are trusted and reputed contracting formation. Over these years, we have gained constant development through our client’s trustworthiness over our expert commitment and capability to give quality services. The circle of our activities has significantly extended throughout the recent past, as our response to the market and because of our passion for progress.

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