Glass & Aluminum Installation & Maintenance

Ruby Technical Services is one of the prime glass& aluminum installation & maintenance service providers in UAE . We also give the services for glass installation according to the requirements of our customers. We have a list of modern imported machinery and a team of proficient specialists who provide the time to work diligently. We are giving services to hotels, hospitals, residential, and commercial areas. We comprehend and appreciate the client’s needs pertaining to glass and aluminum installation in UAE. We give on-demand customized service of glass installation and maintenance for our customers.

We are also providing tinted glass services. Tinted glass is meant to decrease the transmission of light. This is generally with film covering or type of paints to decrease the light and heat passing. In UAE, tinted glasses are famous for houses, offices, and commercial areas. This is truly easy to do residential objective tinting than the automobile.Ruby Technical Services gives the tinting services concerning the legal allowance for the same. Based on the consistency of tint film it permits some light to pass through it and you can watch through it also. 

There are various kinds of tinting –

  • Solar control tint
  • Glare control tint
  • Mirror tint
  • Ceramic tint
  • Metalized tint
  • Mirror tint

Tinting the windows have several advantages comprising decreased electricity bills, sustaining your privacy, management of the glow internal side of your home, securing your furniture from fading, decorating your windows, and more. Mirror tints give the sunlight to pass through but contain the internal perspectives to be visible from the outside. We are one of the prominent glass and aluminum installation service providers who give you the best services. Feel free to contact us and our team will help you with all the essential details.

Our aluminum and glass doors are formed to make sure high performance in all the season terms and give several stylish choices. All doors and windows of Ruby Technical Services give outstanding thermal insulation levels, durability, and security through their modern design and engineering. You are only one move behind on our best deals.

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