Sanitary Installation & Pipe Repairing

Ruby Technical services are trusted and meticulous in dealing with sanitary installation & pipes repairing. Under the guidance of professional plumbers, all our plumbers are gone through ample training to generate the most useful plumbing services in the UAE. Irrespective of the speed and time of the situation, we carry out each client’s sanitary needs with seriousness and commitment within the specified tenure. We make sure the client feels satisfaction in utilizing our plumbing services in the UAE emirate by giving affordable services costs.

In current society, plumbing infrastructure is vital to sanitation and public health. In contrast to other departments, this department requires more focus and action on time. Our professional UAE plumbers comprehend each activity on time. Sanitary installation and pipe repairing act on residences and other buildings usually should be completed as per building and plumbing codes to secure the residents of the buildings and to make sure quality, secure construction to future purchasers. All our plumbing services are taken out according to the government protection norms.

We offer sanitary services for

  • Homes
  • Villas
  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings

Pipes decline with age, particularly if they are not maintained properly. This is a simple truth. If you want quality pipe installation, have it done by reliable professional sanitary services providers. Our trained plumbers can assist you to select the most suitable and durable pipes for any situation. We make sure they are sized and formed in a very professional way. Then, when it comes to maintenance, act with a professional to avoid explosions and leaks.

Ruby Technical Services gives all types of sanitary installation and pipes repairing services –

  • Cold and hot water supply system installation for villas, buildings, and infrastructures.
  • Water tanks, pumping, and pumps stations installation.
  • All types of sanitary works for villas, buildings, hospitals, offices, and hotels.
  • Drainage and septic system installations.
  • All types of process and transportation piping installation.
  • Chilled water pipe installation for all types of HVAC systems.
  • Swimming pools and irrigation water system connection.
  • Copper piping fitting and installations.
  • Water heater installation for the villas, and buildings.

Gives all types of MEP solutions for ETS rooms and other plant rooms.

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